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We’re midway through Winter. Now what?

Have you kept your resolutions for the New Year? Have you even started?

If you haven’t, don’t worry. We have just the thing to get you moving in the right direction.


We’ve created a 3-Month VIP program that meets by zoom twice a month where you’ll get all the help you need to lose the winter weight, eat better, sleep more soundly, and learn easy to use tools to help you decompress from daily stress.

  • Five 60-minute zoom meetings where you’ll interact with other like-minded women who bring different viewpoints, insights, and knowledge that encourage learning, growth and problem solving.

  • Structured activities during the zoom meetings where you’ll learn new tools to help you succeed with your health and wellness goals

  • A dedicated accountability partner to stay connected to between sessions to keep you on track and moving forward.

  • Unlimited access to me via email, private FB group and zoom calls to get answers to all your health and lifestyle questions.

  • kathleen Ogar

    Benefits to Being Part of a Group:

    kathleen Ogar
  • Collaboration with others has shown to improve wellbeing.

  • Builds deeper relationships and connections by sharing a common experience.

  • Increases accountability as the group shares updates on the problems they’re tackling, new ideas they implement, and the milestones they reach as they pursue their desired goals.

  • Creates a sense of purpose as the group supports each other.

  • Group programs increase the likelihood of achieving short- and long-term goals.

  • Saves money! Group programs are a low cost alternative to one-on-one sessions.

  • It's Fun!

  • Hi! I'm Dr. Kat

    I’m passionate about helping people find the best and simplest ways to incorporate healthy habits into their busy lives.

    I’ve been exactly where you are.

    I gave up the battle with trying to live a perfect life a long time ago. I was tired of feeling deprived, tired of feeling not good enough, and even more tired of feeling sick and exhausted.

    Maybe you feel like you’ll never lose weight, get fit, or feel good again. Maybe you think it’s not possible to get your energy back, motivation up, or body feeling and looking good again.

    But guess what? The key to a healthy and vibrant life is RIGHT HERE.

    I’ve created a NO-DIET approach to help you eat clean with simple meals that are enjoyable and get fit with easy workouts that don’t take up too much of your time!

    We provide tools to help you take small, consistent steps towards your goals. And guess what? It works!

    Why? Because our focus is on successes, not perceived failures. On any given day, women experience hundreds of successful moments and less than five unsuccessful attempts at something. That’s an A in my book!

    I’ve been in planning and creation mode since last November with my L.I.V.E. Protocol program. This is not just another wellness plan to check off your list.

    It’s a way of life.

    I’ve taken the best of everything that’s worked over the past 20 years and created a program that kicks disappointment and self-doubt to the curb.

    If you’re ready to look at your life from a whole new viewpoint, this is the program for you.

    See what our members feel about L.I.V.E. Protocol Program

    Still moving but getting there! The movers are coming tomorrow. Even though I couldn’t do as much as I wished I could this time it really helped me remember to breathe and accept that any movement is better than none-but when I get to do what I love my energy is so much better!

    JUDI B.

    I will say the L.I.V.E. Protocol got my engine running and my thinking cap motivated and put me on a more positive course, where opportunities are actually happening. I am now focused on what is best for me (and my family) and how to get it. I'm planning to finally get out of this 40 hr grind going to the same place every day.

    My #1 goal at the moment is to leave my job. I enrolled in a new training course and am working on that.

    I also got a class pass at the local gym and have been taking a Zumba class every Saturday. They have a Yoga and a weight training class that morning, so I can change it up! I am trying to get in more movement during the week, as well. I've cut back on wine, bread and pasta, added more fruit. Made some good substitutions. 

    So, my focus is on finishing this course and starting a new chapter in my life!

    DAWNA S.

    Your Questions Answered

    When starting any new habit, it’s normal to hit a few bumps along the way. 

    Here are a few of the most common and some ways to keep you moving forward

    My schedule is so busy. How will I find time to do this?

    Like anything you have on your to-do list, you’ll schedule it into your calendar. We recommend doing it ahead of time – before you start the program. That will get your mindset right and show your commitment to your own wellbeing. We connect on Thursdays at 7:30 PM (eastern) which is a good time to meet because the pressures of the week are starting to wind down

    I feel guilty taking time for myself away from family, friends and even work.

    It’s natural to feel guilty when you shift your attention from everyone else to yourself. Remember, when you’re bold enough to show up for yourself, you have a lot more energy to be present for everyone around you. As the saying goes, you can’t pour from an empty cup – so use this program to refill your cup!

    How do I know it’s working?

    The L.I.V.E. VIP program isn’t just another thing you check off your to-do list. It’s a new way of being. You’ll feel successful just by taking ownership of your life. Set an intention for what you want to accomplish during our three months together. At the end of the first month, reflect on what went well and the wins you had for your goal. Repeat after the second and third months.

    Previous participants have shared that the L.I.V.E. program brings them more awareness about their self-care, better organization, long-lasting positive habits, excitement about feeling alive rather than just living, relaxation, and so much more!

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